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Who We Are

Theme song

The New Consciousness-Awakening to the Mystery of God
Jan Novotka 

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He spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven.
He spoke of the Pearl of Great Price;
Fountain within, Living Water,
Reign of God in our midst.

He spoke of his oneness with “Abba”,
the Source of all Life and all things,
the Great Abyss, Creative Power,
flowing and living in me.

Chorus: This is the New Consciousness rising,
within humankind.
Living as one with the Whole of Life;
one with each moment in time.

He told us that we would do great things,
far greater things than he.
Let go of self. Live in alignment.
Sacred Consciousness be! Chorus

This new consciousness rose in the masters,
in the mystics and teachers it grew.
Its time has come to rise in others.
Let its light shine through you! Chorus

She spoke of the Mystery of Love.
She lived for the lonely and poor.
Nano, your flame calls us to Oneness,
to lean on the breath of God. Chorus

Filled with courage and Nano’s spirit,
though we’re challenged, we bring hope and life.
Walking as one among those made poor,
carrying light to the world. Chorus

The awareness that all things are Holy,
one in Being, one Essence, one Life.
surrender all to Rising Presence,
to the New Consciousness. Chorus x 2

Song used with permission © 2006 ©2010 Jan Novotka's Music LLC