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Where We Are


Where it all Began

The Presentation Story spans more than two hundred and fifty years. Having set up her first schools in Cork in1754, Nano Nagle founded her congregation on Christmas Eve 1775. Over the years many houses and schools were founded throughout Ireland and the world.

The Presentation Sisters in Ireland are now organised into three provinces - the Northern Province, the South East province and the South West Province. In 2008 there were 123 Communities in Ireland and 726 sisters.

Inter-Provincial Cooperation

While the three Irish provinces operate as separate units, they also work together on a variety of projects and issues. They have set up inter-provincial structures to facilitate this work. In particular they have set up the Presentation Centre for Policy & Systemic Change.

The Centre was established in 1999 to enable them to engage jointly in strategic thinking about the future development of their work in ministry. The Centre's work covers four broad areas: learning innovation; social inclusion; influencing public policy, and human rights/ecology. The Centre recently launched a Plan for Ministry for the next five years.

The three provinces cooperate in developing a Global Education Experience (GEE) for students and staff of Presentation second-level schools.

The Sisters have, in conjunction with a number of other congregations, set up new structures for the exercise of trusteeship of their voluntary secondary schools. The new organisation is called CEIST.