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Where We Are


Presentation Mission in India began in 1842 when four pioneering sisters came from Ireland and started the first foundation in Chennai, Tamilnadu southern state of India.    
The work of the Presentation Sisters was not confined to South India only In 1896 we see the spread of the mission to the Punjab and later to J&K State, Goa, Bihar, MP, UP, and Delhi. Since 1949 Indian sisters have volunteered for mission abroad and are now serving the people in Zimbabwe- Zambia, Latin America, North America Thailand, England, Eastern Europe-England and Ireland so we see history repeating itself. In 1976 the   two autonomous groups in India joined the Union and became one Unit.

Now we are 219 Presentation Sisters in 36 communities working in 10 States spread across India from North to South.  Symbolic of the new life of Union, Anjali house was opened in 1974, which became the Provincial House in 1976.
The long distance between the communities, different languages in different states and other cultural differences and state regulations led the Indian Province to move ahead in 1998 with structuring process. At present the structure of the Indian Unit is One Unit(Province) with Four Circles(Regions). North, South, South East and South West Circles.
Formation House: In response to the changing needs, in 1963, the novitiate House in South India was moved to Carmelaram from Church Park.  In the meantime the Northern group had their Novitiate first in Srinagar and later in Jammu.  The Joint Novitiate in 1975 October is yet another historic event in the life of the Province as once again we decided to join hands with one another from north and south in Union to further the common mission that had separated us. Now the novitiate is located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Central India and each Circle has Aspirancy.

History of Presentation Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary in India:1842 - 2007

Origin and history of the Congregation: Nano Nagle founded the Congregation of Presentation Sisters on Christmas Eve1775, in Cork Ireland.

The purpose of that foundation was to ensure the continuation and extension of the work of Nano Nagle and her companions for the education of the poor, the evangelization of her people, and the relief of those exploited by the Penal Laws in Ireland. Her mission was confined to her native city Cork but her understanding of mission was universal. She recognized the potential of the poor and of youth to minister to each other.

In 1791 the Presentation Institute founded for the service of the poor was incorporated into the mission of the church, when Pope Pius V1 granted it papal approval. The re-assessment of the Congregation in the light of Second Vatican Council brought many of the autonomous groups of the Presentation Sisters together into the Union of the sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Nano Nagle gave us her last will and testament of love. It was the very same as Jesus left us, “Love one another as you have hitherto done”. In peace and delight of the Lord she went home to God. In Cork City, Nano Nagle was fondly known as, ‘The Lady with the Lantern’. Now the light she has enkindled in the hearts and minds continues to illumine people all over the world. She died on Monday April 26th 1784 aged 65 years. Forever in hope she remains with us, a’ Woman of Vision’

In one of her extant letters we read “ My views are not for one object alone…. if I could be of any service in saving souls in any part of the world, I would do all in my power”. In the 17th century she incorporated Associates in her service for the kingdom.. ‘Deo Gracias’

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