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Where We Are


 From small beginnings in Cork City, in 1775, the Presentation Sisters spread to many towns in Ireland and thence to several parts of the world. Historical and legal factors caused the various houses of the Congregation to develop into autonomous units, but the particular charism of the foundress living on in persons and communities has always been a source of life and unity. The re-assessment of the Congregation's mission, in the light of the decrees of the Second Vatican Council, brought many of these autonomous groups of Presentation Sisters together into The Union of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The communities involved were mainly communities in Ireland and in "missions" which had gone out from the Irish communities in the twentieth century. This Union was officially established by Papal decree on 19th July, 1976.

The map above shows the units which are part of the Union. Click on any unit on the map to find out more.

There are many other groups of Presentation Sisters which were founded in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and which are not part of the Union but with whose members we collaborate closely through the International Presentation Association (IPA).