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I  Am Who  I  Am….....in the Resurrection.  

As you engage with this reflection, you may like to listen to the hymn 'Our God can never be contained' by Chris Skinner or some other suitable hymn.

The celebration of Jesus' Life in the course of the Liturgical year, is an invitation to reflect on our world views which  shape and influence our living as citizens of our Universe. If we let our lives evolve in an evolving Universe, and in our evolving Earth, our worldviews are likely to evolve to the emergence of a new Consciousness.

The human mind thinks in images and symbols. What has been my image of God so far? (If you are reflecting in a group, perhaps share your image and experience with another and spend a few moments in silence after the sharing. Listen to Wisdom from this experience of listening to each other.)

Part I - Gift of Life,  from a Living God

'Creation is the primary revelation of God' -St. Thomas Aquinas.

Look at the following images and let them shape our image of God.


Our Creator, is, where stars are formed in Space..

We experience the hand of God in the shaping of the lotus….

 .....and sister butterfly proclaims Creator God!








 How do these images speak to me of a Living, Life-giving God?   Listen......and share....

 Perhaps we can let the wisdom of some mystics lead us in our reflection:

  • 'No creature is so tiny that it lacks isness.....Every single creature is so full of God and is a book about God.'  (M. Eckhart)
  • 'In the rhythm of life and its evolution, at the centre of the world, Teilhard de Chardin saw a divine centre, a living heart beating with the fiery energy of love and compassion.'  (Ursula King)
  • 'There is no parallel to God, whose glory verily is great.'  (Yajur Veda)
  • 'God, as God is, can never be fully known.'  (Kabir)

 Part II- Death and Rebirth, is the Order of all Life

In this liturgical season when we celebrate  the Paschal Mystery, we focus on the passion, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. These are experiences of everything in creation, of the whole Universe.

Look at the images here and let them shape our image of God, God as we experience God in the dying, God in the Resurrection. 

Stars become Supernovas, that is, they die and in that intense energy of dying,new stars are born.


Reflect on Chief Seattle's words,'This shining water that moves in the streams and the rivers is not just water but the blood of our ancestors…'   

In being evaporated waters change form, and gets purified to be reused again and again by life in other places and times. All who live die, and Divine Energy raises us to New Life.

Let us listen once more to the wisdom of mystics to experience God in the dying  and the resurrection.

  • 'There where clinging to things ends is where God begins.' (M. Eckhart.)
  • 'May my breath reach the everlasting air. Then let my body end in ashes'  (Yajur Veda.)
  • 'A summons has come and I am ready for my journey.'  (Rabindranath Tagore)

[If with others, share your experience of God in the dying and the rising]