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Letter 28 - 13 December 1788


LETTER OF DR. TROY TO DR. MOYLAN, 13 December 1788

My ever dear and honoured Lord,

In my last letter to your Lordship of the 29th, answering yours of the 7th, I mentioned the opinions of my confrere lately assembled here concerning the vows to be taken by such as shall be aggregated to the pious institute planned by Miss Nagle and concluded by assuring your Lordship that the Institution would be established in this City in such a manner only as shall be approved by your Lordship and ratified by the Holy See. I have since had some deliberations on the subject with gentlemen of experience and penetra¬tion. They are apprehensive that nothing but solemn vows can give stability to the institution and think they may be taken at the canonical age pre¬scribed by The Council of Trent. As this opinion seems well grounded and the Sisters are not to go abroad except to the schools or on business respect¬ing the Institution, and as they are not to be entertained or sleep abroad, I hope that by the mercy of God and the assistance of His Grace, the occa¬sions of disedification will be effectually removed. I, therefore, my dear Lord, waive the objections expressed in my said letter and leave the whole matter to the discussion and determination of the Holy See and your Lordship.

Dr. Troy to Dr. Moylan (from internal evidence).