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Children and Young Girls at HRE

21 July 2011


Children and young girls at HRE

It was a very encouraging two days spent with the children and youth.  Though it was a weekend, the children came with such enthusiasm and passion to attend the workshop.  The teacher who attended the workshop on HR was also willing to assist me during this workshop.

To begin the session we had a video on children’s parliament and the various accomplishments of children in different parts of the world to encourage them with what children of their age have accomplished.  After that we talked about the rights of children with special reference to CRC.  We also showed the video on the contribution made by Nano Nagle the foundress of the Presentation Sisters. Her wonderful work showed how she encouraged and supported children in their rights for education.

The young girls were given the information on UDHR linking it with their life situation.  The girls were once school drop outs but were helped to get back to school with the help of a sponsor.  Ten girls had gone back to school but today only five of them continue schooling as the situation in their families is no way conducive to their education.  Peer pressure too influences them to meet only their own immediate needs.

At the end of the workshop both groups expressed great joy and satisfaction and were very grateful for the learning they received.  They felt happy that they could come together to share, to learn and to discuss matters relating to their life.  They felt very much encouraged to continue meeting on every Saturday.  I felt very happy that the HRE given to the core group is being shared with the wider community in and around our area.

I am also happy to say that I have been able to communicate with the Alumnae of Equitas in Zambia. Two participants did reply to me positively and I hope to connect with them in the immediate future.



 [Submitted by Sr. Annmary Andrews]