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Centro Nano Nagle

18 July 2011

Latin America English

In the Beginning

Centro Nana Nagle - 15th Anniversary

In Peru a young girl’s 15th birthday is a very important occasion for publicly celebrating and acknowledging that she has reached womanhood.  It is for that reason that we decided to really celebrate this special anniversary in our Nano Nagle Center in Lima, Peru.

The Presentation Sisters arrived here in Lima in 1993, and on the 9th July 1996 we began the construction of a very rustic Centro Nana Nagle in Los Eucalyptus de Villa, Lima, Peru.  During the previous years the neighbors had seen that our little house was way too small for the workshops for women and the activities for the children and we were graciously offered land on which to build our own center.

Over the years the Center has been a place where women and children have come to share, awaken and evolve.  The emergence of life and friendship has been the focus of the Center during these years. What has emerged has been unexpected and very life-giving for those of us who contribute to the direction of the center and for all of those who come looking for something more, something better in their lives.

Reflecting upon these 15 years in the light of the larger universal story, my eyes begin to water and my heart takes a leap.  Such a very tiny time space but all our evolutionary story is contained in those 15 years and we took the time here in Peru to celebrate that story.

It is a bit like what do you say about those years, what is the essence of life that has been offered and shared?  The creative energy of our cosmos, combined with that very grounded call of Nano Nagle to take one pace beyond, continually inspires and moves us to open our hearts to hear the cry of the most abandoned and seek ways to walk together at this important time in the evolution of a new humanity. We seek to follow the inspiration of Nano who walked the streets of Cork in the darkness following the light of her lantern.  Each day that light is lit again all over the world with the intention that we may be able to see with new eyes and a new consciousness the way forward.

Healing in the market to celebrate the 15th Anniversary

Corazon de Nana

In the year 2000, when we officially received the title deeds to our land, we constructed the new Centro Nana Nagle whose central focus is the holistic healing ministry and in December 2006 we extended the family and inaugurated Corazon de Nana (Nano’s Heart) a holistic healing center for children and youth.

The entire Nano Nagle family celebrated the 15th anniversary here in Lima, Peru for a whole week. Nano Nagle walked with us as we remembered our story and opened our hearts to listen and to spread our wings.  One of the most emotional moments for me was when we all walked around the streets of our barrio with the children holding their lanterns, making music and a lot of cheering.  I felt so moved as I shared the joy and the passion of the children and the youth who will bring humanity forward in a new and creative way. “Long live Nano Nagle” they shouted, and clapped and in short we knew that we mattered.

We have reached an quantum moment in our evolutionary story as a family here in Lima, Peru and we are aware that this moment is part of the great shift that is taking place at this moment in human evolution.

The excitement around this moment is also an expression of our trust and hope for the future of humanity, open to deeper compassion and care for each other and for our planet.

[Submitted by Margaret Kehoe PBVM, Los Eucalyptus de Villa, San Juan de Miraflores, Lima, Peru]