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Latest News

Write a Haiku for Nano

12 July 2011


At our International Gathering , we suggested writing a Haiku as an original way of expressing the charism of Nano. The Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry which captures an essential truth simply and concisely – it captures and recalls an experience of beauty or moment frozen in time in such a way that the listener awakens to the same moment on hearing the poem.

Visit our Friends of Nano Blog to find out more and to read some examples received already.

Why not try it? It may help you express very conscisely what you feel in your heart about Nano’s story and her charism or how you have seen any aspect of her charism in action in her lifetime or where you live today: her compassion, her committment, her courage or confidence, her creativity and her communion with others or her daily practice of contemplation.  Here is one example:

Cabin, Cove Lane, Cork.
Nano Nagle's Sacred Hearth.
Lantern, Spirit, Light.