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Latest News

Famine in the Horn of Africa

10 July 2011


Large parts of East Africa are facing the worst food crisis of the 21st Century.  Drought is worsening across East Africa, following successive failed rains.  Most areas have received little or no rain in nine months. The late 2010 rainy season failed completely in many parts of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, and the April-May rains have also performed well below average.  

With no harvest, thousands of people are left without food.  Families are being forced to leave their homes and flee to the city in the hope of finding support and food.  Displacement camps are springing up in Mogadishu, to deal with this huge influx of people.  Children are in most danger, with infant malnutrition rates soaring in recent weeks.

The price of staple foods has risen to unaffordable levels for many people, and weak animals and the collapse of livestock markets have reduced people’s income and ability to buy essentials. Hundreds of thousands of animals – people’s main assets – have reportedly died.

Concern Worldwide and Oxfam are among the agencies working to bring relief.  Click here and here

to access their websites.