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Latest News

Mountmellick Environment Group

14 August 2009


Mountmellick Environment Group (MEG), members of Friends of the Earth and the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, has been actively supporting the Big Ask campaign over the last few months.  Some Presentation Sisters are members of Mountmellick Environment Group.

Over 100 postcards were signed by local people and MEG members presented these cards to their local TD, John Moloney, Minister of State for Children and Health, on Thursday 6th August 2009. Minister Moloney while not being very involved in the climate change issue, up to now, is very convinced of the importance of having it addressed and advanced. He was most supportive of the points raised by the MEG members and promised to do all in his power to ensure that the commitment of the Government to introduce a Climate Bill would not get lost.

The conversation also covered the empowerment of local groups as a tool to advancing issues and also developing sustainability from the ground up. Read more about this story here.

Mountmellick Environment Group (MEG) established in November 2001 has moved from focusing on gardening to engaging with wider environmental issues. One of its major successes is in the area of home composting where it has succeeded in getting up to 200 households in the town engaged in home composting. MEG engages with the youth of the town through the Schools Green School committees and environmental projects.

For the past few years MEG has run very successful Environmental Information Evenings. Through these events MEG promotes good environmental practices through sharing information on local and national initiatives, promoting the use of local facilities and general encouragement of the importance of caring for our environment. It is currently in dialogue with Laois County Council, (Environment Section) and Race Against Waste and hopes to develop a pilot environment programme for the town.

The groups’ motto is ‘By working together we can make a difference.’ If you would like to attend MEG meetings, contact Imelda (Tel. 057 8644005) or Storm at the MDA (Tel. 057 8624525) to find out more. You will be made very welcome.