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Latest News

Northern Province Sisters Leave Baileborough

13 August 2009

Ireland N Province

The closure of the Presentation Convent in Bailieboro marks the ending of the order's presence in Co. Cavan, where the Northern Province established a Missionary Noviciate in 1945. The closure was marked by a special service in Baileborough on Sunday 26th July 2009.

Bishop Leo' O' Reilly was the chief celebrant.

In his homily Dr. O' Reilly challenged the media reporting of the Ryan Report for giving the impression that the story of religious life in Ireland ''was one of unmitigated evil and abuse''.

Thanking the Presentation Sisters for their service in Baileborough and elsewhere, he expressed the hope that the ''enormous good'' done by the religious in Ireland would not be forgotten when history books are being written on the period.

His words were a balm to sore hearts as well as a fitting tribute to the Sisters who had lived and worked in Bailieborough as well as to those who went on the mission to India and Pakistan in later years. The text of Dr. O' Reilly's sermon may be downloaded by clicking here.

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