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Latest News

Do You Recycle Your Cans?

31 July 2009


Did you know that recycling a single aluminium beverage can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours? As well as saving 95% of the energy used to produce aluminium from raw materials?

Aluminium is a very resilient resource and never wears out, it can be recycled forever. So the savings go on and on. In Ireland alone, over 390 million aluminium beverage cans are sold in Ireland each year, all of which are fully recyclable.

Glass too can be recycled over and over again without degrading in quality. Recycling 1 glass jar saves enough energy to light a light bulb for nearly 1 hour or run a TV for 15 minutes.

In fact, recycled glass is the main ingredient in making "new" glass, and in Ireland almost 80% of glass packaging is recycled.  Using recycled glass uses 40 percent less energy and therefore results in approximately 40% less carbon emissions than making products from all new materials. Old glass is easily made into new glass jars and bottles or into other glass products like fibreglass insulation.

And remember, each kg of mixed solid waste that you recycle is not only a kg saved from many years in a landfill, but saves 0.87 kg of carbon dioxide emissions. Click here to download a short article on recycling cans and glass.