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Latest News

EU Wide Campaign

28 July 2012


This campaign is being run by the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) with its members the European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA), Caritas Europa, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), Eurochild, Eurodiaconia, AGE Platform, Salvation Army, Mental Health Social Exclusion Europa (SMES Europa), International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) Europe, as well as the Platform of European Social NGOs (Social Platform), SOLIDAR, the European Women's Lobby, the European Disability Forum (EDF), the European association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD), the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) Europe, Mental Health Europe and Workability Europe. 

2010 National governments in EU countries agreed on a poverty reduction target: to get 20 million people out of poverty by 2020.

2011   To back this poverty reduction target, the Commission proposed to allocate 25% of the Cohesion Policy Budget to the European Social Fund, and to secure 20% of this Fund to social inclusion and poverty reduction.

Out of an EU population of about 500 million people: 
  • 80 million people live below the poverty threshold (people earning less than 60% of the national median income) 
  • 22 million people live materially deprived (people who cannot afford goods, services or activities which are seen as basic necessities in their country)
  • 18 million people live in jobless households
= 115 million people at risk of or experiencing poverty or social exclusion 

To sign the Petition click here