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Latest News

Gathering Videos can now be downloaded

11 June 2012


The good news we bring you today is that the videos from the events at the Congregational Gathering can now been downloaded easily to your computer from the Members Area of our website.

This means that where your internet connection may be too slow to show the video without disruption, you can download the file over a longer period - even at night - and then replay it from your computer or laptop. Once you have saved it, you will be able to transfer it from one computer to another using a USB memory stick.

To download any of the videos, log in to the Members Area using your Username and Password and go to the webpage with the videos of the Gathering.

Underneath each video you will find the word Download. Simply right-click on the word 'Download' underneath the video you want to transfer to your computer, and choose Save Target As. A dialogue window will open up - this enables you to choose the folder where you want the file saved and allows you also to give the file a name.

You will be offered a default folder in which to save the file. You may choose the one offered or an alternative - just make sure you know where it is on your computer. The default option for the name of each file is an 8-digit number but you may prefer to replace the number with a more user-friendly name such as Ruth Patterson Talk 1 f Ruth'sd first talk or whatever as appropriate.

The files will be available on the site for the next 60 days or so, but be sure to download the ones you want sooner rather than later, especially if you have a memory like mine! It is best to start with the ones you most want to see, so that if you get tired of downloading, you will sure to see the one's you want most or think you may wish to view most often!

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