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Latest News

Justice Workshop at Kabanga

17 February 2012


Justice Workshop

The above workshop was held from 23 January 2012 to 24 January 2012 facilitated by Sr. Lynette (Presentation Sisters).  Twenty-six participants from different areas of Namilangi ward attended the workshop.  The purpose of the workshop was to share ideas on issures concerning Zambia and the world.

The issues indentified by the participants were as follows: Tujilijili drinking (a strong liquor) and Environmental degradation. 

Sr. Lynette fully explained the effects of each issue stated above.  The participants were touched by Sr. Lynette's explanation of the issues and effects for example:

  • Tujilijili drinking resulting in brain damage, in children under 18 years, no concentration on lessons at school, sores in joints, no bearing children in future and mental problems for future generations.
  • Environmental degradation - cutting of trees result in having no rain, and formation of deserts and low water levels.

Sr. Lynette asked the participant to take care of Mother Earth as she sustains life for all living things.  Because of the importance of the lessons, the participants resolved to form civic education committees and continue holding meeting in the areas.

[Report by Mr. Charles Musiwa, submitted by Sr. Annmary Andrews]