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A Call to be Prophetic and Mystic

12 February 2012


Sr. Lynette Rodrigues addressing the Religious Women

A Call to be Prophetic and Mystic

Sr. Lynette Rodrigues, the IPA justice link for the Zambian Vice Province, during her visit to the Western Province spent two hours with the Religious Women of the Diocese of Mongu.  She also spent two days with the youth and women belonging to various denominations of Church around Mongu.  During her interactions she focused on Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. 

Sr. Lynette touched on CSW, CEDAW, UPR and RIO+20 during all her input and interactions.  The input given to the two youth groups was centered on CSW 55, Concluding Observations.  The youth participated with so much energy and passion in the group discussions.  The whole session was very life- giving, interesting and challenging.  They were able to bring up real issues affecting them and also were able to give suggestions for improving their life situations. 

Addressing the women

The 42 women who attended the half-day workshop were very touched by the input and decided to take on issues affecting at global and local level.  The global issue they took was on climate change and they have decided to plant trees and to care for mother earth.  The local issue they took was alcohol addiction by the youth. 

The Religious Women known as Zambian Association of Sisters (ZAS) were so animated with the session that they invited Sr. Lynette to come back to Mongu to give them a follow up by organizing the workshop on ‘Be the Change Symposium’.

I was very happy to see how we the PBVM’s are making an impact by using the information, skills and talents we have to empower others through education.  The groups were able to identify issues affecting us at local, national and global level and to take steps towards advocacy and lobbying so as to make a difference in the world.  Sr. Lynette reminded the group about our call to be Prophetic and Mystic in today’s world. 

Speaking with the youth groups at Malengwa and St. Agatha's Parish
[Submitted by  Sr. Annmary Andrews]