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Latest News

My Green School

12 February 2012


All great success stories ultimately begins with an idea, but what makes ideas become reality is the fuel of enthusiasm and passion .  Sr Lissy, Superior, Churchpark community, Correspondent, Sr. Margaret, Principal, Sr. Lisetta, Eco club students and teachers came together to make Sacred Heart Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Church Park, a model green school  with the novel concept of an Eco-lab.  This is the first time in India  that such a project has been thought of.  

Eco friendly equipment such as aerobic composters, recycling bins, paper shredders and color-coded dustbins were placed in a small eco-friendly-hut meant for the purpose.  Messages on saving paper by using both sides to print out matter, saving electricity by remembering to switch off an appliance that is not in use, and segregating waste at source were etched on the wall-space of the eco laboratory set up in the school 

"The concept of  sustainability, recycling, global warming , zero waste will  go a long way in educating children to be conscious of the environment that they live in." said the Principal , Sr. Lisetta, who was instrumental in motivating and encouraging us to go ahead with  this novel idea. 

The aim of Green-Schools is to increase students’  awareness of environmental issues through classroom studies and to transfer this knowledge to  the wider community.  The future of this Earth lies in the hands of  our children. It is imperative that we as custodians of the Earth declare our responsibility to one another and  to the greater community to save this planet  for we  need to remember that we are only the stewards of this Earth. 

[Submitted by Gita Das]