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Latest News

Jobs, Decent Work and Inclusive Growth

07 February 2012





E-Discussion on Jobs, Decent Work and Inclusive Growth,  8 February – 14 March 2012, is organised by International Labour Organization (ILO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affaires (DESA)

Current Situation

The world employment is grim.

  • Unemployment stands at more than 200 million and is increasing
  • Two workers in 5 worldwide live below the global poverty threshold of $2 per person per day
  • Many workers do not take home wages for their work
  • Labour market conditions differ between developed and developing countries
  • Most workers in the developing world rely upon labour as their main asset and so finding a paid job is their only way out of poverty
  • Women and young people are disproportionately affected, with youth unemployment two to three times the adult rate worldwide
  • Growing economic and social exclusion might lead to greater unrest and instability

In July 2012 ministers from around the world will convene for the Annual Ministerial Review at the UN Economic and Social Council in New York.  In particular, they will focus on the promotion of productive capacity, employment and decent work as tools for reducing poverty, moving towards sustainable development and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

The e-discussion on Jobs, Decent Work and Inclusive Growth presents an important opportunity to shape the contours of the debate in July and influence the resulting agreement among participating government ministers.

If you are not already a member of UNDG’s, MDG-Net, UNDP Poverty Reducation Network, Gender or Human Development Report Networks and would like to participate please register by sending a request to support.amr@unteamworks.org

[Submitted by Sr. Fatima Rodrigo, IPA]