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Friends of Nano


It was as a lay woman that Nano Nagle developed her vision and passion for the poorest of society and a desire for a more compassionate world. As a lay person, she found that wonderful balance between action and contemplation that became a hallmark of the congregation she later founded.

Today, the Friends of Nano Movement is a worldwide community of lay women and men who are committed, as Nano was, to ‘act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God’ (Micah 6:8). The Movement shares a common vision and charism with the Presentation Congregation and aims to collaborate with it in finding creative ways to further its mission. 

Our local cells across the world work in partnership with the Congregation in a relationship of equality, partnership and interdependence. We seek opportunities to pray, act and celebrate together.

In short, we are a community of compassionate, contemplative service; a community which welcomes people of various cultures and faith traditions who are inspired by the spirit of Nano Nagle and who are drawn in their own lives to work towards creating a more just and sustainable world. At the heart of our movement lies a partnership with the Divine, a passion for the poorest and a covenant with creation.

Friends of Nano are ordinary men and women who strive to ensure that her heart beats on in them today. We find inspiration in Joan Chittister’s definition of charism:

Charism is the heart of the founder
aglow at one period in history,
beating on in us in another day and age ...
Charism is tree, branch, flower, fruit.
An ever-changing, always rooted obsession
For the coming reign of God,
where the reign of God is needed most,
One that develops from age to age
And then grows up in a new way in the next one.
Charism is a living passion
for whatever dimension of the life of Christ ...
peace, truth, healing, mercy ...
…..is missing now.
Here, in our time.
Where we are.