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About Us

How to Use Members Area

All Presentation Sisters are entitled to access the Members Area. This page explains how to access the Members Area, how to get a Username and Password and how to use the features of the Members Area, in particular how to use the Exchange to set up interest groups, how to join a group that someone else set up, how share documents, how to start conversations (in the conversation forum) and how to share photographs.

How to get in to the Members Area:
You will normally enter by clicking the Members Area Icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the website homepage. Or you can do so now by clicking here which brings you to the Login page. When you do so, you will be prompted to enter your Username and Password. Unfortunately, you have to apply for those separately and must have an official username and password before you can enter the Members Area.
How to apply for a Password:

You can apply by clicking here - that brings you to the Login page. Above the Login Box you will see the sentence: Presentation Sisters who have not yet applied for membership may do so by clicking here.

Click on the word 'here' at the end of that sentence and you will be prompted to fill out a very brief application form. Then click on the Button marked Submit Registration and your application will be submitted straight away.You should normally get a reply within 48 hours (often much faster during office hours). Your username will be the e-mail you specify in your application; you will be given a Password, but you can change it to something you prefer (and can easily remember) once you get inside!

How to use the Exchange:
When you access the members area you will see a row of Blue Tabs below the main banner as follows, beginning with NEWS on the left and ending with GALLERY:


You can click each Tab in turn to find out what lies behind it. However, for the moment we have not developed all of them but we will do so in time, as more members begin to use the facility.
For the time we will focus on developing the Exchange. To access it, click the Exchange Tab.
When you do so, three additional options appear on the line directly below the Tabs. They read as follows (i) Exchange Home (ii) Browse Groups and (iii) Create a Group
It will automatically open up the Exchange Home option; that will make sense when you have joined some groups but until you join one or more groups, the page will remain blank. So begin by choosing the second option ‘Browse Groups’ by clicking on the words ‘Browse Groups’.  The lower part of the screen changes and you will see a list of all the groups that have been started so far. The good news is that every Sister can start as many groups as she likes! So, if you have a particular interest, you can start a group. Others can then apply to join. You may leave your group ‘Open’ so that anyone can join or you can leave it ‘Closed’ so that others must apply to join. The closed option can be very useful in that groups, with members in different parts of the world, which are working on particular projects will now have a safe and secure area where they can share information. Once a group has been set up, the members can do three things within their group space. They can exchange documents, engage in typed conversations or exchange photographs.
We have started a number of groups, most of which are open. Right now (Spring/Summer 2008) we are encouraging members to join the discussion about how we might celebrate the 225 year anniversary of Nano’s death on 26th April 2009.
To take part, you must join the group. Find the group and click ‘Join In’ at the bottom right-hand side if the faded white area where the purpose of the group is described. Then go to Exchange Home, and the group will now appear on your members area under the heading ‘My Memberships’.
The row below the words ‘My Memberships’ is split into 5 columns. The first column has a picture of a lock (open if everyone is free to join, closed if set up for a specific limited group). The second column shows the name of the group, which hopefully will have been chosen carefully to readily indicate its purpose. This is the one you press to get into the group.
Press the wording in column 2 now i.e place the cursor over the words ‘Nano Nagle 225 Jubilee Year’ and click once (using the left click button on your mouse)
The screen changes again and you will see the words ‘Document Exchange’ and, to the right of those words, three images – a page with a clip, a page with a pen and two photos overlapping. These give you access to the document exchange, the conversation exchange and the photo exchange respectively.
You are now in the Document exchange and you will see in the box below a description of the document that is in the exchange. The word ‘download’ appears at the bottom right-hand corner of the box and if you click it you can download the document where Mary Deane has summarised some suggestions for celebrating next year’s anniversary.
If you click the second image, you will be brought in to the Conversation Exchange. There you will see that two conversations have been started (There were just two on 31st March 2008; there may be more now)! Suppose you want to see what is happening in the conversations – just click ‘Join In’ This doesn’t mean you have to comment, it just opens the door for you! Why not join in the lower conversation now. You will see that Noel Keating has been talking to himself. Please have mercy on him and join in the conversation. This will allow him to withdraw so that you can all engage in conversation, sharing your ideas about the best ways to celebrate next year.
The next column notes the nature of interest and the fourth column The fifth column says ‘Options’ and if you click it you will find out more about the group e.g. how many documents and conversations are active, who the members are and how to be notified if someone joins in one of your conversations.
More will be added about the members area soon, in response to queries received from members.