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About Us

South Presentation

South Presentation is the site of the first Convent founded by Nano and it is here that her remains are buried today.

The number of poor children and the distressed widows whom she patronised in this City (Cork) for nearly forty years, her unremitted efforts in the cause of charity, must raise a monument to her name which will resist the all-destructive hand of time and transmit the knowledge of her virtues to future ages.

Mother Ursula Kavanagh

In this spirit we hope to continue Nano's mission in the city of Cork and to this effect there is an integrated plan in place to develop South Presentation after her own heart.

Development Plan

The Presentation Congregation has been associated with the South Presentation site since its foundation by Nano Nagle in the late 18th century. Due to changes in the role of religious orders, this historic place, of great significance to the social and cultural development of the city of Cork, must adapt to serve new uses while retaining respect for its original ethos and architectural heritage. The Presentation Congregation in association with Cork City Council has commissioned an integrated development plan for the development of this historic precinct. The objective of the plan is to inform and facilitate the future development of the site while maintaining the integrity and spirit of this historic place. The generation of the study will inform the local plan for the South Parish and should provide a catalyst for renewal of the district. The site is characterised by its distinctive geography. Glimpses of the church tower and trees may occasionally be had from various locations in the city, but on the whole its character is of a secret citadel, a green oasis in the city centre.

Once a centre of activity and bustle, the site now contains a number of buildings, which are not used to their full capacity and require major refurbishment. Consolidation is required to maximise use and fund essential repairs. Research and assessment has revealed which elements are most significant so that resources can be directed appropriately and intrusive elements removed to allow renewal of the site.